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Thursday, December 29, 2016

not enough hands

Do you ever feel like you suffer exhaustion from doing nothing! I don't mean those self diagnosed sick days we give ourselves just because we are feeling lazy. I'm talking about the days spent cleaning, taking down holiday decorations, reorganizing the pantry....... things that wouldn't be noticed by anyone who is not you! 
Most of my friends know my cleaning skills are usually on point, and my home is tidy. Although few people know about the obsessive technique I use to strive for my own high standards. 
Waking up on a chilly morning, mentally writing my to-do list as I walk through the house. Since the boys are on break from school, I'm having to juggle my list and entertaining my boys! I'm not a huge fan of game systems, so I often get interrupted with a whining " I'm bored MOM!" 
I took a few breaks for "hide n' seek", nerf gun wars,  and a intense game of "Trouble". But I'm a big believer in unique items known as....... TOYS! 
With the "mom" duties in overdrive, and preparing our home for New Years Eve visitors. Im starting to feel those "exhaustion for nothing" symptoms! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and don't underestimate yourself when it comes to those resolutions. Aim high!!!
Happy New Year Everyone 🎉

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