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Monday, January 2, 2017

Stay at Home Mommy Syndrome

I can't believe its been almost a year since I stopped working! To be perfectly honest I didn't think that being at home with my kids would be as draining as it has been! Don't get me wrong, I actually LOVE being at home with my kids. Understand though that my boys are not babies or toddlers anymore, but they are just as demanding. Instead of screaming for a bottle, blanket, or to be held..... they are complaining about the limit I set on their gaming time, the other one not contributing to the chores, or why they can't have cheetos for breakfast? The worst part is that they are not even at the "tween" level yet. I've always held onto the belief that troublesome toddlers will turn into solemn teenagers? At this point I'm hanging onto that thread of hope with EVERYTHING in me!
I like to think of myself as a good mom. I always try to encourage bonding within the family by limiting screen time or taking more day trips to educational, or family friendly events. The holidays give me a chance to involve my kids in ( of course) crafts, baking, or creating unique games to build fawn memories as brothers! But sometimes........ this mom has exhausted any and all options to entertain! 
Since the holidays just ended, and 2017 is underway in full force. I feel like my mind is telling my body that it needs time to recover and recharge for the year to truly begin to take shape! It's the 2nd week of the boys' break and I'm beginning to feel the symptoms becoming more apparent.......... it's feeling like the start of " Stay at Home Mommy Syndrome"! 
Now I have no evidence to back up my findings but, I'll soon develop a tick, which will then be followed by a bulging vein in my forehead, causing a massive, and permanent facial crater, (known as a frown line) making a lasting impression on my children accidentally causing lifelong scarring, and emotional turmoil !!!! 
But don't worry HUBBY, I'm sure your life won't be affected 😳

P.S. Someone might want to check on Tim later on this week, just in case! 
( The following blog has been tweaked for your enjoyment)

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