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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Its just a 180 degree turn!

You know how sometimes you get a moment to take a breath, and in that moment you suddenly ask yourself "what just happened"? You then question what day it is, how time flys, the changing height of your kids, and ( by looking in the mirror ) how long it has been since your last hair appointment!
Those moments rarely visit me, much less have the ability to put me in a state of panic..... but I'm pretty certain it did!
It hit me yesterday as I was running around my house, trying to frantically organize my sons clothing drawers. I can't believe I've been a stay at home mom for a year now, and I can't believe that I'm already going back to work! Yes that's right! Back to a working mom, not being available for my kids 24 hours a day, not having time to craft as much as I want with them, and not having the sole purpose of being at their every beck and call! I'm almost tearing as I write this since I can think back at a few times this past year that I wanted to go back to work! But truthfully, this will be the first time (since hubby and I have been married) that our family will have two incomes! Our kids are old enough that now they would rather have more money for vacations, clothes and (OMG) someday cars then have mommy at home cleaning their rooms. 
It's a sad truth that I'm realizing, but in retrospect it's what's best for the family! I'll continue to blog, but unfortunately my new business will need to be put on the back burner. I was so blessed to have all this time with my Hubbs and kids, and I don't count it any less of a blessing to have the opportunity to provide a financial future for them. 
To all of those moms, dads, aunties, uncles, godparents, or someone who has a child in your life...... make the extra effort, and give your time to your kids! The special moments are the only thing that stay the same! 
Love you boys

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