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Thursday, January 19, 2017


So last night was fun!
So, its been unusually stormy here in Cali, over the past few weeks. Last night was the second major storm over the last 7 days. Having grown up in so many storm friendly places as a child, I don't tend to react as drastically as my children. My ten year old watched the 5 o'clock news with me, going on and on about how windy it was getting, noticing the reoccurring warning by the weatherman that power was out in cities nearby. "Mommy, when is our power gonna go out"? "Will they give us a warning so we can get flashlights", "Mommy, shouldn't we go to the store to get extra water and canned food"......this went on for a while! As my Comforting "Mommy" reassurance quickly escalated annoyance, (since he was talking over the news stories that I actually wanted to hear) I gave him a quick snap to be quiet. Two minutes later I was trying to think of where I last saw candles, and where I had placed our lighter. I knew where the emergency flashlights were, but since my family has a difficult time returning everything in its place.... (as the organizer of this fortress) I made sure to double check its location! We continued on with our night (as usual) but inevitably our power did go out.
"Now what do we do"? This phrase echoed in our living room from my youngest son. He wasn't worried about the storm, but more afraid of not being able to see his legos. As I realized what he was doing moments before the room went dark, knowing my worst nightmare was upon me.......... a LEGO minefield!!! (duh-duh-daaaaaaaaa) I quickly demanded that he pick them up, and I stayed stationary until my oldest returned with the flashlight. Hubby was calm and collected as he didn't move all night from his cozy spot on the couch and a his iphone in hand. In his defense neither of us touch our phones at night when we are with the boys or each other, but being that there was nothing else to do.... I was a gracious wife and didn't put up a stink about it!  YOU"RE WELCOME BABE!
 We spent the night playing a board game (even though you couldn't see the colors) and eventually all sat around and talked while we watched our youngest play legos.

 Luckily it was only a half hour before the boys' bedtime, so we sent them each with a (battery operated) candle to their rooms and Tim and I took a few moments to text family, and our besties! A few minutes past and unlucky for us,  Tim and I would miss our Favorite show tonight! But then again.... Tim and I got to have some "extreme" quiet time to talk and laugh together. It was an (unexpected) great night!

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