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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getting in the groove

So the boys have been back in school for four days, and it's been heaven! Not that it's not heaven when they're here, but for sanity purposes the quiet was desperately needed. Having all this peace has giving me an opportunity to truly get some work done..... PSYCH! I have got nothin' accomplished, and actually I think I've been on Pinterest for four days straight! Mind you I have made an effort to keep my house somewhat in order, and (since it's been stormy here the last few days) I've even managed to make a store run. With that being said, I shook myself this morning and gave Me a good talking to about the lack of effort!
I really took my talk to heart and I'm back in action, dusting, sweeping, folding, etc. I feel sorry for my boys cause I'm a tough cookie, and don't take no slack from nobody! 

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