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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Wow!!! So I am having quite an emotional breakdown in the middle of the airport! I'm leaving for a week of training for my new job, and I'm starting to feel quizzy about leaving the fam behind. of course I know they will be fine, I fully anticipate a weird smell when I return, and possibly a feeling of awe at a stash of unnoticed wrappers in someone's bedroom! It's a pain that only a mother can feel leaving her kids and husband behind to go work! It feels unnatural, and backwards! No one thinks twice about a man going on a work trip, but Mom?  You get many sympathetic sighs and sometimes faces of confusion at the thought of the mom being so selfish as to have a job that requires travel! But as I throw myself a pity party here in the airport, I am curious to think how I got here? How did I go from full time WORKING mom, to full time Stay at Home mom, to full time working mom again? It's like my life will never grant me Part time anything! But I'm so relieved it's for a well known, and well established company that takes care of their employees!  But it will still never be enough to take away the tears I just saw on my sons face!  Hopefully this week flys, and I mean FLYS by!

Props to all those fulltime working moms!!!! Weather you travel or NOT.......... this sucks!
Boys, I love you!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Its just a 180 degree turn!

You know how sometimes you get a moment to take a breath, and in that moment you suddenly ask yourself "what just happened"? You then question what day it is, how time flys, the changing height of your kids, and ( by looking in the mirror ) how long it has been since your last hair appointment!
Those moments rarely visit me, much less have the ability to put me in a state of panic..... but I'm pretty certain it did!
It hit me yesterday as I was running around my house, trying to frantically organize my sons clothing drawers. I can't believe I've been a stay at home mom for a year now, and I can't believe that I'm already going back to work! Yes that's right! Back to a working mom, not being available for my kids 24 hours a day, not having time to craft as much as I want with them, and not having the sole purpose of being at their every beck and call! I'm almost tearing as I write this since I can think back at a few times this past year that I wanted to go back to work! But truthfully, this will be the first time (since hubby and I have been married) that our family will have two incomes! Our kids are old enough that now they would rather have more money for vacations, clothes and (OMG) someday cars then have mommy at home cleaning their rooms. 
It's a sad truth that I'm realizing, but in retrospect it's what's best for the family! I'll continue to blog, but unfortunately my new business will need to be put on the back burner. I was so blessed to have all this time with my Hubbs and kids, and I don't count it any less of a blessing to have the opportunity to provide a financial future for them. 
To all of those moms, dads, aunties, uncles, godparents, or someone who has a child in your life...... make the extra effort, and give your time to your kids! The special moments are the only thing that stay the same! 
Love you boys

Thursday, January 19, 2017


So last night was fun!
So, its been unusually stormy here in Cali, over the past few weeks. Last night was the second major storm over the last 7 days. Having grown up in so many storm friendly places as a child, I don't tend to react as drastically as my children. My ten year old watched the 5 o'clock news with me, going on and on about how windy it was getting, noticing the reoccurring warning by the weatherman that power was out in cities nearby. "Mommy, when is our power gonna go out"? "Will they give us a warning so we can get flashlights", "Mommy, shouldn't we go to the store to get extra water and canned food"......this went on for a while! As my Comforting "Mommy" reassurance quickly escalated annoyance, (since he was talking over the news stories that I actually wanted to hear) I gave him a quick snap to be quiet. Two minutes later I was trying to think of where I last saw candles, and where I had placed our lighter. I knew where the emergency flashlights were, but since my family has a difficult time returning everything in its place.... (as the organizer of this fortress) I made sure to double check its location! We continued on with our night (as usual) but inevitably our power did go out.
"Now what do we do"? This phrase echoed in our living room from my youngest son. He wasn't worried about the storm, but more afraid of not being able to see his legos. As I realized what he was doing moments before the room went dark, knowing my worst nightmare was upon me.......... a LEGO minefield!!! (duh-duh-daaaaaaaaa) I quickly demanded that he pick them up, and I stayed stationary until my oldest returned with the flashlight. Hubby was calm and collected as he didn't move all night from his cozy spot on the couch and a his iphone in hand. In his defense neither of us touch our phones at night when we are with the boys or each other, but being that there was nothing else to do.... I was a gracious wife and didn't put up a stink about it!  YOU"RE WELCOME BABE!
 We spent the night playing a board game (even though you couldn't see the colors) and eventually all sat around and talked while we watched our youngest play legos.

 Luckily it was only a half hour before the boys' bedtime, so we sent them each with a (battery operated) candle to their rooms and Tim and I took a few moments to text family, and our besties! A few minutes past and unlucky for us,  Tim and I would miss our Favorite show tonight! But then again.... Tim and I got to have some "extreme" quiet time to talk and laugh together. It was an (unexpected) great night!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getting in the groove

So the boys have been back in school for four days, and it's been heaven! Not that it's not heaven when they're here, but for sanity purposes the quiet was desperately needed. Having all this peace has giving me an opportunity to truly get some work done..... PSYCH! I have got nothin' accomplished, and actually I think I've been on Pinterest for four days straight! Mind you I have made an effort to keep my house somewhat in order, and (since it's been stormy here the last few days) I've even managed to make a store run. With that being said, I shook myself this morning and gave Me a good talking to about the lack of effort!
I really took my talk to heart and I'm back in action, dusting, sweeping, folding, etc. I feel sorry for my boys cause I'm a tough cookie, and don't take no slack from nobody! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Adapting to the situation

It's sad when I feel as sigh of relief when it's 7:55 and my kids head out the door for school. Normally I have a brief sense of abandonment or a moment of uncontrollable weaping. This morning was different, and I KNOW I am not the only parent to react this way! Since the last two weeks have been consistently occupied with carpeted minefields of Legos, crumbs on the couch, and more flatulent aromatherapy then I choose to inhale on a daily basis. I would say that my gleeful and frolicking state is perfectly justified by any authoritative figure who would choose to dissect my parenting skills.  My blissfull state of mind was abruptly halted by panic and disgust at the sight of my living room!
I soon realized my to-do list of Pinterest crafts would now be put on hold until cleanup efforts were put into action against the destructive nature taking form in my home! I realize that I am sounding over dramatic and maybe a little nuts! But I get frazzled when my projects have to take a backseat to my duties as a Stay at Home Mom! 
Yet another reason why I am happy that I now have a business where all I do is craft, it's like getting paid to destress! I hope all you parents out there, are finding a way to enjoy this long awaited day of momentary freedom! Happy "they're back in school" day! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Stay at Home Mommy Syndrome

I can't believe its been almost a year since I stopped working! To be perfectly honest I didn't think that being at home with my kids would be as draining as it has been! Don't get me wrong, I actually LOVE being at home with my kids. Understand though that my boys are not babies or toddlers anymore, but they are just as demanding. Instead of screaming for a bottle, blanket, or to be held..... they are complaining about the limit I set on their gaming time, the other one not contributing to the chores, or why they can't have cheetos for breakfast? The worst part is that they are not even at the "tween" level yet. I've always held onto the belief that troublesome toddlers will turn into solemn teenagers? At this point I'm hanging onto that thread of hope with EVERYTHING in me!
I like to think of myself as a good mom. I always try to encourage bonding within the family by limiting screen time or taking more day trips to educational, or family friendly events. The holidays give me a chance to involve my kids in ( of course) crafts, baking, or creating unique games to build fawn memories as brothers! But sometimes........ this mom has exhausted any and all options to entertain! 
Since the holidays just ended, and 2017 is underway in full force. I feel like my mind is telling my body that it needs time to recover and recharge for the year to truly begin to take shape! It's the 2nd week of the boys' break and I'm beginning to feel the symptoms becoming more apparent.......... it's feeling like the start of " Stay at Home Mommy Syndrome"! 
Now I have no evidence to back up my findings but, I'll soon develop a tick, which will then be followed by a bulging vein in my forehead, causing a massive, and permanent facial crater, (known as a frown line) making a lasting impression on my children accidentally causing lifelong scarring, and emotional turmoil !!!! 
But don't worry HUBBY, I'm sure your life won't be affected 😳

P.S. Someone might want to check on Tim later on this week, just in case! 
( The following blog has been tweaked for your enjoyment)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

not enough hands

Do you ever feel like you suffer exhaustion from doing nothing! I don't mean those self diagnosed sick days we give ourselves just because we are feeling lazy. I'm talking about the days spent cleaning, taking down holiday decorations, reorganizing the pantry....... things that wouldn't be noticed by anyone who is not you! 
Most of my friends know my cleaning skills are usually on point, and my home is tidy. Although few people know about the obsessive technique I use to strive for my own high standards. 
Waking up on a chilly morning, mentally writing my to-do list as I walk through the house. Since the boys are on break from school, I'm having to juggle my list and entertaining my boys! I'm not a huge fan of game systems, so I often get interrupted with a whining " I'm bored MOM!" 
I took a few breaks for "hide n' seek", nerf gun wars,  and a intense game of "Trouble". But I'm a big believer in unique items known as....... TOYS! 
With the "mom" duties in overdrive, and preparing our home for New Years Eve visitors. Im starting to feel those "exhaustion for nothing" symptoms! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and don't underestimate yourself when it comes to those resolutions. Aim high!!!
Happy New Year Everyone 🎉