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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Wow!!! So I am having quite an emotional breakdown in the middle of the airport! I'm leaving for a week of training for my new job, and I'm starting to feel quizzy about leaving the fam behind. of course I know they will be fine, I fully anticipate a weird smell when I return, and possibly a feeling of awe at a stash of unnoticed wrappers in someone's bedroom! It's a pain that only a mother can feel leaving her kids and husband behind to go work! It feels unnatural, and backwards! No one thinks twice about a man going on a work trip, but Mom?  You get many sympathetic sighs and sometimes faces of confusion at the thought of the mom being so selfish as to have a job that requires travel! But as I throw myself a pity party here in the airport, I am curious to think how I got here? How did I go from full time WORKING mom, to full time Stay at Home mom, to full time working mom again? It's like my life will never grant me Part time anything! But I'm so relieved it's for a well known, and well established company that takes care of their employees!  But it will still never be enough to take away the tears I just saw on my sons face!  Hopefully this week flys, and I mean FLYS by!

Props to all those fulltime working moms!!!! Weather you travel or NOT.......... this sucks!
Boys, I love you!

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