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Monday, January 9, 2017

Adapting to the situation

It's sad when I feel as sigh of relief when it's 7:55 and my kids head out the door for school. Normally I have a brief sense of abandonment or a moment of uncontrollable weaping. This morning was different, and I KNOW I am not the only parent to react this way! Since the last two weeks have been consistently occupied with carpeted minefields of Legos, crumbs on the couch, and more flatulent aromatherapy then I choose to inhale on a daily basis. I would say that my gleeful and frolicking state is perfectly justified by any authoritative figure who would choose to dissect my parenting skills.  My blissfull state of mind was abruptly halted by panic and disgust at the sight of my living room!
I soon realized my to-do list of Pinterest crafts would now be put on hold until cleanup efforts were put into action against the destructive nature taking form in my home! I realize that I am sounding over dramatic and maybe a little nuts! But I get frazzled when my projects have to take a backseat to my duties as a Stay at Home Mom! 
Yet another reason why I am happy that I now have a business where all I do is craft, it's like getting paid to destress! I hope all you parents out there, are finding a way to enjoy this long awaited day of momentary freedom! Happy "they're back in school" day! 

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